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#laxcourthouse Day 24

When thinking about life, when you narrow things down to what is important to you, what sets straight, the mind of the speaker or the mind of the listener, and that is a lesson, in whether you are someone who listens, made to change by others, or someone who is expecting anything said past to reflect what you know now. I think you are at best the best thinking when on your own, that gives you time to think about life, in your spare time you have time to think about everything else, in the scope of prevention, you may not know why insulting until afterward, so if the mood is light, don’t question that it has anything to do with you, a lot about life and “voices” may be not realizing your potential, avoidant. To be out in the world around healthy people social, is a respect paycheck basis, a confidence is received, that’s not know how or the good years that have past, that’s consistently working toward a goal, and being given permissions to be in peoples lives, so while blogging was a peaceful experience it later became a very painful experience personally, as though a condition past is to be renewed, so that’s thinking that an error on your part is being held secret, so that’s not understanding my stopping point, I don’t fight people, I don’t get aggression I don’t get the emergency or right now demands of someone who is in the mood and I am concentrating and maybe that’s what insulting others, so if it’s a consistent pattern about my focus, maybe that’s whats not understand how to work my mind, how to change my mind, and once everyone has improved, that could mean their tired, so that’s loss of a solid foundation to live the rest of life with, so that’s thinking that my time is not short with my Dad while he is around, so if anyone does not recognize that if Im suicidal 2018 got a job, that’s because whats difficult for me to comprehend, is what social circle or job or establishment that does not expect me, its not out of boredom that you shine to 17 million readers, that’s three fires and two job losses, the numerical value of numbers 1 7 3 and 2, and the number 32 is a jersey number in #boston. So please when you account for everything that does make sense to you, please stop and not go at me until it stops upon what facts and terms in my life story you want scripted to communicate in the event of any loss, to establish a mental illness or blame, so while I understand people in the news, that’s also my right to configure what it is about me that’s funny, maybe you don’t think gun violence is a real epidemic maybe you don’t know why the job was recommended to me, maybe you think Im obsessed with crime, maybe leaving law school wasn’t a mental illness, maybe that was a select decision to leave based upon humor so when people feel entitled to it by their definition its to insult you because they think that you are accusing men of rape, so its until you feel small, so don’t treat me as offender because you think youre better than me, so maybe a phd was a good idea, Im taking my computer to #laxcourthouse that was built here for no reason, and maybe you can build a school for no reason and fill it up to feel important. I filled up my website with 17 million people, that simply means that its not by your ideas or actions I have to prove wrong, it just means that you already exercised the option to play politics to make things go your way, so maybe my 3/4 JD you think is pathetic, maybe you think that I am pretending to be something Im not.

Originally Written 07-10-21

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