Finding Your Stopping Point …

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Never gamble with your freedoms in life or the respect of others. This you learn as it gets closer and closer to the feeling of lost opportunity. Its an undeniable feeling of shame that you cannot return from that makes it hard for people to work with you, work around you, and accept you as a viable solution to their problems and that’s okay, not all is lost until you give up. So what provides solution, when you convince others that you are an unworkable solution to their problems, you become a heavy weight on yourself and others to bear and that’s a certain discomfort that cannot be remedied, when there is something about you not to like. So don’t devalue yourself, because you don’t feel good, because you feel helpless, or because you cannot undo what has been done to you. There are some who can rise to the occasion of making things better and not unless you are trained to be selfless in the opportunity to help others, you cant expect to be helped specifically in regards to what is wrong in terms of the acceptance of someone to your condition, who cannot be reassured in the event that you are not doing well, and that’s not hate, when in the event that you are not doing well, others feel helped by you. When you are around people who seem stronger or more able than you, what does that mean, when you later don’t feel good, how then will people feel around you. People are only as strong around you, as you are well, so let all the ideas of exchange, jealously, and competition go, that’s not what wellness is about your discomfort, but it will be about the discomfort of others, in the event that you are not doing well, that you will seem like the culprit of those discomforts in life. What is acceptance, its an opportunity to be apart of the lives of others, and what does it mean when you are kept separate, it means that you are not a strong enough candidate to represent what it is that is defective to the understanding of someone not in shoes, who thinks that your shoes are being improved by the success of others, we should all learn to be happy for others, that doesn’t mean that we will all be well together, and that’s learning how to be a team player. You can respect the ambiance of success, but if you try to inject yourself into the solution of another you may easily be dismayed, that they are not only well for you but are also being well for others, so what is confidence, its accepting that those who are struggling, are struggling on their own merits which does not need to be made worse, by someone pointing out a defect in them personal to illustrate a rejection that they feel when you are not able to be loving or friendly, we are only offered one opportunity to have a life that others want to be apart of, and if you are not well its easy for others to be mad at you and no want you to be apart of their lives, and to also try to make it seem like you don’t deserve to be apart of the lives of others, and that’s someone else taking their selfish opinion out on you, thinking that you are some place more well when you are not feeling well, and we all deserve to move on, and while that may not be the solution, it is also not the right of anyone who gets to know you and your story to change your story, and act like they know what the last 35 years of your life were life before you were known.

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