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Don’t Forget to be Nice …

It’s important to think about others. Too often we get stuck in our own world about things and it’s easy to lose track of our priorities in life. Sure we’re important but what about everyone else. Do make time to be conscious of how others are feeling, true it’s not all about you. According to once article, “It’s easy to hurt someone’s feelings when you’re not being thoughtful. Often, it’s because we’re stressed or bothered by something else we’re dealing with.” [1] Who doesn’t like attention we all like attention we all enjoy talking and being heard or listened to. Just don’t get lost in your own words about things. Just as you enjoy being open about what you think and what you have to say there is a part of everyone who enjoys the same attention too so don’t forget that about people it’s okay to ask questions and also get to know others better and see where their head is at especially at a time like this. When everyone’s going through a lot. So think … if it’s a bad situation think how can I make things better such as, “a few nice words can make a big difference. Even if some time has passed, apologizing for any wrongdoings can mean a lot to some people.” [2] So keep your head up continue to be a positive influence in the lives of others, and never give up. It’s okay to have social anxiety, I’m someone who experiences a lot of social anxiety, although I’m a blogger that doesn’t make speaking in front of others any easier, get to know your story, be kind to yourself, and be willing to share about what you’ve been through in short and try to inspire others to do the same to work through their problems and improve too, “To a large degree what you accomplish in life, what you are capable of, is going to depend on how you deal with fear.” [3] -Sometimes the hardest part about moving forward is letting go.





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