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Theres a saying, “let go let god,” which is something that I think applies right now, on the brink of feeling hurt you have a choice, what you take in (take to heart), and what you let go (not get under your skin). It can be for many reasons, or a few setbacks, that you finally come to terms with what you don’t have control over, which you then recognize requires less time to think about, sometimes there is no better answer, or door to knock on for any answer to your problems, and whether you learn this the hard way or all on your own, your problems are what keep you down in life, so eventually there will come a time to start letting things go. According to, the only person who has “full control of situations around us,” [1] is god, which includes all those feelings of being overwhelmed, and everything we don’t have control over, I was thinking this the other day, in what ways do I give my power away, and in what ways may another feel empowered, by anything that I have to say. We all have an “ability,” [2] to do the right thing to say the right things, and while that may not always happen for us, eventually you wind up in the right place thinking wise, that moment of clarity, how do we get there? Especially in moments when life doesn’t “go as we planned.” [3] Which brings me to the next term I found “self-regulation,” on [4] By definition, self-regulation is: “Behaviorally – the ability to act in your long-term best interest, consistent with your deepest values.” [5] Recently I have been struggling with staying motivated, I recently recognize the value of getting things done, maybe a popular quote by fully motivated business professionals, I used to write quotes and share quotes among other popular outlets on social media, it was a fun way, to say in short, anything of value relevant to apply to circumstances in life, that maybe Ive experienced and keep me afloat. Everyone is different, we aren’t all so driven and amped up in life to accomplish tasks and meet goals in life, for most of us simply setting a goal and completing a goal, serves the basic function of helping us to move forward and having something to show for it, work (a blog), fitness (losing weight), everyone has basic goals in life, do whatever it is that helps you stay feeling well, according to this article these feelings are important for motivation, to “experience more, discover more, learn more, or appreciate more.” [6] Its important to feel positive and to think positive, and for me being task oriented means doing things for myself, that keep me motivated, its hard to get started with nothing under your belt, and its hard to keep going with no room for error. So pace yourself. Theres a such thing called the “90 Second Rule,” a concept introduced by Viktor Frankl, reminding us that “We always have a choice to react or not.” [7] This I found relevant to how I respond during any crisis, what applies what doesn’t apply, what I feel, what is going on, what I think, what I have to say, who I think is affected, who I think is at risk, whats relevant, whats not relevant, what can be done to avoid others getting stuck or feeling frozen, how to get a conversation started, how to help, what can cause harm, whats overwhelming, what are the causes for any stress encountered, who to report to, who to ask questions, what to talk about, whats appropriate to discuss, whats helpful, whats not helpful, what has been said, what is connected, whats not connected, whats coming from me, what have I said, what is known, how many people know me, how many people like me, what do people think of me, am I getting “auditory delusions,” is it related to my pictures, is it related to any of my personal records phone or computer, how am I feeling, what is stability, when am I stable, how can I help, what is the problem, am I saying anything not helpful, what can I say to help, what am I doing with my life, am I staying positive, am I feeling hurt why, what should I discuss, what will make things worse, what are things everyone should know, what are things to keep to myself, there is always a balance during any period of crisis, an adjustment phase, no matter how close to the epicenter you are to any given crisis, its up to you to make things better first on your end, and also make sure that no one is affected by anything specifically troubling you, unrelated to what is going on elsewhere. There will always be a system of blame based on looking at people, judging them as good enough, or a poor representation of what is needed, solution, and this I how your private life interferes with your public persona, you cant be the person that you are when someone is portraying you in a different light, that is how blame gets passed over to you, like youre asking for it, or not a strong system of support to others during a time of need. Theres no need to integrate everything to make everything about everything, I think that’s a bad way of minimizing blame or risk to others and actually makes things worse, when you pin point something exactly you think was said wrong, then try to attribute everything going wrong to one person, one persons output, one persons personal life, one persons mental health, and then expect when criticized to also provide solution, or become a person for blame, I don’t think I ever went to Law School with any guilt or secret condition untreated, I think in life you experience things for the first time, whether that’s mental health, physical health, obesity, losing weight, instability, and you get better at living life, as you get older, that doesn’t mean that life gets easier, it gets harder, the longer you wait, or leave any condition untreated, which I don’t think applies to me at all, Im always the first to identify whats working for me or not working for me, without involving others, which explains why Im always alone, which is something I need to change about myself, be more social, work on dating again, and going back to work. There is so much risk in this imagined state of looking for answers on the record or off the record, when it comes to analyzing life, and when you have the option to relate everything to everything, I think that’s what devalues the concept of money, who has earning power, who is respected, who we admire, who we go to for answers or second opinions, I guarantee you that if there is ever a consideration for doubt, maybe you have the freedom to cast doubt on people in a public way, and cause them to feel stupid, I don’t think that that’s the answer when it comes to prevention and feeling good about whats going well, exclude people on the basis of content public or private, photos (selfie or private), writings (complete, professional, or notes), there is always a more complete understanding that can be derived by witnessing the expressions of others, and if it hits our memory banks, make better sense of now, in a positive way. This is why what you study, or what you remember is so important to what you feel think and know, and maybe why the same information is not the solution for everyone, theres a a lot of unhappiness the occurs, when there is still room to think, I don’t think the purpose for writing is to tell anyone how to think, or whats the correct way to think, that does highlight or avoid any guilt from occurring, on the basis, of what you think is connected. I think as a blogger online, you run the risk of everything being connected to you, so that’s watching life, reading along, and seeing whats working or not working, maybe that’s in writing or not, its hard to always be relevant, we each have our own personal issue, insecurities, and set backs, Ive never been one to not share as I make progress, and maybe now is different, since I have not been doing well, on new meds to treat schizophrenia, due to stress and “voices,” which is not a condition I ever planned for or expected to go through for any reason, relevant to the news or any other situation in life, to cast blame on the basis of mental illness existing or not, I think you do your best, and if a new condition occurs, get treated, its really nothing to explain, or better stated pointing out anything wrong with me, which is what bullying is about, to make me feel ostracized, to make me feel small, to make me not feel good, and to cause me to not feel well, and for whatever reasons that’s occurring, I don’t have any other person in my life Im close to, intimate with, sharing pictures with or bonding with, that’s mental health it keeps you away from everyone, so the point of improving is to have a life, and be able to talk to people, have people in your life, have conversations, be in peoples lives, and improve, setback or not, or illness. 









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