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All improvement matters, and your best showing of your writing, if it does not occur too late for you, be proud of yourself no matter who that matters to and why. I think all improvement is about all your effort to return back to life, set goals, accomplish goals in life, and have something to show for all your hard work, maybe that’s of value in it of itself, I think the issue of “celebrity” and “importance,” is what ultimately diminishes your ability to continue to improve whether or not you are of importance or influence at any point in time in the positive, I think once things start going wrong whether or not that takes a toll on you or others in retrospect, it was not easy for anyone to suffer losses, whether by who they know directly, or whatever impacted by, feel at a loss specifically when it comes to any issues either important to you in life, or later represented by you as being of importance and why. There is a such thing called “responsibility” that’s not influence and taking the place of any sponsorship or regular system of professional meetings advice and critique, if all of that happens for you in life and you get by being able to support others with all permissions attorney and courtwise, then continue to do your best to be there for others and the main point of holding up a flyer in support of music at whatever cost it seemed to be connected to me in any way, is to make sure that no one is affected or adversely affected feeling pressured or having to stay in tune with any system of understanding in life, that would defeat the purpose of leaving those who feel well have the ability to connect to those who maybe have not had to focus on too many troubles yet standards wise to just go ahead and be there for others, I think that system of respect should never change not on the basis of any story, tweet, Instagram post, speech, blog, or website, there will always be a point in time when you can reflect, improve, and be there for others in person or professionally, through any correspondence, that’s not anyones permission to judge any relationship occurring overtime as privileged or given any special considerations or favoritism when it comes to exactly how they help or in what manner, or what later comes to be, expressed through others, which doesn’t have to fall in tune with a representation or symbolism that dictates where anyone should stand on issues related to the companies, work products, or non-profit organizations that seek to serve as an intermediary between the publics ability to feel supported, and the victims rights to be free of any unwanted influences in life be led astray or compound any stress in life feeling like anything fundamentally wrong with who or by what means they are supported, is being influenced in the wrong way, by any amount of poor decision making, current, diagnosis based, or condition based exacerbate what is working for others, which is not to be affected by anyones downs in life or set backs which are personal issues, I think all non-profits are supportive in the way that so long as you inform them of your health, deficits, troubles, progress, and if that’s the best you can do, you can either be there for them and participate in a supported way that’s not secret, or not intended to represent me or what I stand for in life, excused from being hurt or bothered in the event I go through something which would be equally devastating and disappointing to anyone who does or doesn’t know me, not need to to know anything about me in the negative, that’s an unnecessary down in life to experience, either to be viewed as campaign led by individuals, or led by the positive overflow of things going right for people in life who are available in full confidence to support, that’s something to be greatful for, when anyone takes the initiative on any basis to represent others, like “Bravo” or the growing popularity of the color “orange” in fashion, all of that matters, what you learn in a down, is that you no longer represent what it is you were or what you sounded like when you cared, and that’s an issue of who you are, what have you achieved in life or accomplished, not based on who you talk to considered important or of actual help, so that’s not a tough lesson in life that needs to be learned by proving whether or not you are important on the basis of stating any qualifying factors, I think sharing your resume is helpful, I think any later state when you get treated like youre a joke, or trying to be important, or not influential or not to be taken seriously, means that you are not considered apart of, or having ever played a role in dedicating your heart and life progress to staying well, and being able to work and have a life, no one wants to get stuck in life defending themselves or made to worry that on the basis of their cares in life have been made to look stupid or fake, or unintelligent, I don’t think that anyone needs to be turned into anyone of lesser importance, to make anyone feel good or better about what has happened or why anything has happened, either taking the favor in support of who has had issues, or not representing a person who cares for the issues demonstrated through work experience or writing experience, to me, later in life that became a heavy issue that by anyone exposed to my writing, then holding me to the standard of having memorized or recall or be in the same place in life, able to write to a professional standard, I think you go through phases in life professionally, and hopefully if you recover through any difficulty, able to work again, never in my life did I expect for my mental health issues to get worse, or be criticized on the basis for how I have cared what I have done, or who has seen my efforts be considered of value or effective, I think that its not necessary for you to be important only after you become unimportant for any basis that you are to be judged as stupid or careless or not focused on the right things in life once things start going well for you that life becomes difficult again, and that’s nothing that you need to talk anyone through or write quotes about, that’s when the damage has been done, and I wouldn’t know any other purpose for bringing someone down in life other than to declare them not smart or not having worked hard to be where they are or make them feel like they don’t matter, or are trying to be important on the basis of the issues present or not present, make of issue something that’s not presently of issue, so that’s the basis of being brought down, to then on a personal level then dictate what gets interpreted as connecting to you on the basis of where they view you in terms of your influence in life, low or high, and that standard will be determined by what you share about yourself, and that affects how you get treated based on where you are in a good place or bad place in life, receive negative attentions, to either say that you go somewhere by thinking, or go somewhere in life by working hard and putting forward the effort writing everyday for years to be able to be comfortable sharing how you feel, and whether or not mentioned the difficulty in not being compared to someone who does or doesn’t care based upon dress or photo, I think that’s not something I ever took lightly if it was not something I was okay with sharing about myself, including any diagnosis to be made public, we all struggle but not everyone needs to struggle in public to bring themselves down or anyone down on the basis of not being able to comprehend why they were doing well or suddenly not doing well and then be judged as not doing well on the basis of what they have done right or wrong in life, be treated differently like they think they are important, and be put down as though one thinks they are important or going places in life, ridicule, or convince, is not thinking well or right and speculate that its from my thinking or writing, that anyones else is affected or made to think poorly or affect outcomes and trends in terms of what is going right for those who are steadfastly being supported by all. 

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