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How to Present Online (Blogger or Influencer)

Starting strong, is in your best interests, what are your plans and what are your goals and stay true to that. We can’t all function in a room full of people, not unless you can stand tall, know what youre about and have something to say, so pick a niche, stick to your specialty and go from there. I took a quiz recently to determine what kind of blogger I am on, [1] and seem to have found the right timing, when it comes to making strides, and putting the past behind me, that could be who you were before you became a blogger, or making waves to build momentum for what you plan on delivering to your audience in the future, in the form of a community you are able to build for your audience, to preview more of what your about, what you approve of, and what other types of blogs or bloggers that you would recommend to your audience, they call this guest-post blogging, when there is a main blogger or company, and contributors to a blog made. Another great way to determine your direction as a blogger would be to take a simple quiz like the one I found on [2]

Starting with No Support 

Many people who start blogging, do so as a side project, either between jobs, or in lieu of having a job, and that’s totally okay to do a little soul searching and to explore your options. If youre like me you may find difficulty monetizing your blog, that is selling your work for payment in exchange for the work that you compose online, this is a difficult task. You can put the work in and either not be recognized for your specialty, or it can not be clear on what services that you have to offer, through your education or expertise, half of the battle is finding a market for what it is you want to write about, then trying to come up with a strategy for how you will be credited for helping to drive traffic to that website or to those specialist when it comes to a service that you are directing your audience toward. I learned one thing as a hotline counselor, to refer out, meaning if there is an issue specific to a clients needs that they can get help with, you are to give them the number and resources to who can help them cope. That’s being a hotline counselor, a resource, a provider of assistance in the middle of a crisis. -So what do you do in the event that you are a blogger, who is not making money, and does not want the value of their blog to be diminished by the fact that you are not making money? Good question. Manage your assets well, what is it that makes your blog valuable, is it your writing (is it organized do you have copies of everything), is it your photos (are you keeping accurate records of all your photographs and cards that you have made, is you content unique to you (have you put the name of your company or personal name on the work to itemize as being made by you)? These are all steps that you can take to help build value for yourself in the future, it also helps to not allow for others to publish your content, without being credited for viewing it. It makes clear that you are the author, so in the event that you would be contacted (which does not happen often), or if research needs to be done (the proper entities are credited for the work), this also applies to all your influences (do you keep an accurate record of all the tweets and pinterest that you have read, is there a public record of everything you have read?).

What are your personal interests?

Before moving forward and growing as a personality, brand, or company, do you have your house in order, and are all your personal troubles behind you, have you sought legal help and advice, do you know how to stay out of trouble in the future. If there was an issue in the past sharing ideas, and sharing your thoughts, what have you done in the meantime to ensure that that type of interaction does not occur again, either between you personally and one specific individual or any group of individuals, does what you have to say affect anyone, including yourself. I think being a successful blogger means that you are helping others, its really not about seeing people in terms of teams, there will always be teams in life, business, and individual, writers were not made to all sound and look alike, and provide the same exact services, whats even worse is to have a personal stake in the matter, where you are viewed as someone who is not protecting their best interests or subjecting any well known company, brand, name or person to an unwanted attentions via connection to you, it wont therefore matter whether you are successful, no mention is best, and that’s how to move forward in life, not by incorporating people into your life, or showing how much you recognize in others, its how much can you grow as a person, as an individual, without affecting the best interests of those you come into contact with, all sides are always considered when it comes to analyzing a companies decisions or a groups decision making abilities, when thrust under any kind of attentions in life, we cant all be well and up at the same time, this I learned first hand. So that’s the trouble with starting off, not being as well off and confident as others, and ending up in a better situation with 96k monthly viewers or in range of 800 million viewers to a hashtag. 

What is your temperament?

Pay attention to your mental health, everything gets more stressful the less you know about what you are doing combined with what is expected of you, its easy to get thrown off guard by sensitive subjects whether visited by you, or no comment made by you. I don’t think that that’s a trendy way of being considered a leader online, or a popular subject, to always have something to say, and sometimes in doing what you do best, you actually mention things in a way that resonate, before you get the outsiders quick hand perspective on things, which may not be how everyone thinks, its usually the stuff you think people are thinking that if you say, people admonish you like “what are you thinking,” it’s the type of things that’s okay for people to think but its not okay for you to say, and even if it is that way, whatever is being pressured for you to say, know that it wont always be the right thing to say, so follow your instincts. The best way to navigate any creative field, would be to do so in a way that brings the least amount of pain to you and your audience, so that much you cant anticipate in going with the flow or trying to figure out whats missing, or whats not being said, that doesn’t mean that in its place something can be said that can fix a feeling, or a state of hysteria, or quiet, the support that is illustrated past an event that baffles us, will be something that people immediately know what to do in order to make things better, and that’s the group that you don’t want to disturb or cause waves amongst, those that care, you cant change who care, the worst thing you can do is hurt the way that people think about a situation, and input your own two cents, that’s a subject worth leaving alone, or if you do have some kind words to offer share, in a limited way. 

How to accept those who don’t support you?

People will have their reasons for not supporting you, either early on in your career as a blogger, or later on, if you become successful, it’s the same situation as believing in someone or not believing in someone, no one person is going to have it all right, we cant be Moses, if you want to think in terms of religion, I really think it does come down to all of that, at the basic sense of the word, is what youre saying truthful and honest, and backed against prior series of decision making abilities reflect the struggles that your predecessors have encountered when trying to help others, and helping to navigate the times, and spare the lives of all those who mattered and were treated as though they don’t matter. Where do bad feelings come from? I don’t think its safe to say that every good decision is made in avoidance of a bad feeling, that much you cant credit smart people, the preciseness of their future trips, I mean some of us can do the math quick, and absolutely know that there are no more combinations of things that can go right past there being an element integrated in which things can go wrong, and more power to those types of sophisticated decision makers in life, who know their stuff, I would definitely trust science, in that respect, when someone says with experience, things cannot go this way, things will not work this way, and based on this this and that I know that when this happens this will happen, then trust that person, whether they have first hand experience or know how, maybe its them that are looking after whats in your best interests whether you recognize that or not as the best decision for you or others, some decision making you cant question, such as when you are wrong or when someone else is wrong. Ive noticed that if you are found to be in the wrong in any past or present moment in life, that becomes the basis for judging you as a person, it wont matter if you have been victimized in the past, or were a stronger person before you were found to be in the wrong, that doesn’t make life easier for you moving forward, if it is anticipated or if you have been described as someone who is: (1) too much (2) mentally ill (3) delusional (4) not real “fraud,” or (5) unloveable “slut or whore.” -There are reasons why people call people names, its mostly to project onto them a future series of events in which things will go wrong for them, on the basis of what they are told, there is a mindset in which you are told things and bad things happen to you, its in disbelief of you, and with others in disbelief of you, not seeing your potential or thinking that you have things wrong, tell you that your thinking is wrong, or that your options future will not happen for you, based upon what they think you have done wrong, that’s for example, blaming a woman for being used, and then treating them as devalued because they have been used or treated like they are stupid. That’s the math when it comes to devaluing a woman, it wont matter whether Im improving, or failed past, it’s the minute you talk about it, things get worse, and so on and so forth, and that’s how a fight begins and that’s how it ends, with making you feel like $hit, so that you don’t amount to $hit, so that they can be right about you, and communicate to everyone that they are the $hit. That’s basically fighting with someone you love, feeling like $hit, and nothing going right. 




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