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Not New to Self-Harm, How to Describe? …

I think anyone who wants to have recovered from a difficult period in time, should be proud of themselves for overcoming those emotions, or symptoms that affect how they feel about themselves, Im sure that’s self-esteem, what you look like, maybe Im wrong, so while other people may be going through things in life thinking on their own, you know not everyones difficulties in life will sound like your own, some more mature or less inclined to get into issues or be critical of anyone, that’s leaving things open, I think if you leave things open for people to think on their own, then it becomes less about what things are about or catching up on things in a summarized way, you wont feel like you’ve missed out on information or details that would have caused you not to worry, or think less of others, and that’s why what you share is important, and recognize that writing online although edited or removed there is some permanency to publishing, which may not be the writing itself but could be the feeling that is conveyed to someone reading, its not fair to not be doing well, or to feel sick, I think that’s punishment for anyone who has thought well of you, or made to question you, or not feel good by you, I think that’s expecting way too much. What do public appearances mean as a blogger? For me this is something I have practiced over the years as a runner, that’s not uncomfortable around people that’s just saving money and preferring to be outside, and I think that’s a good test of how you feel around others, and learn to be mindful of everyone present recognize that there are many people who are well, and recognize that not everyone is in your shoes, so that’s the limit that should always be in mind writing, how do your mental health issues on a bad day, or in the event that you do self-harm, affect the reader or someone hearing about you, they may not rely on you, or read your work everyday, follow closely, but everyone is naturally affected in the event that they hear that youre not doing well, so that’s the difference between excited to see you hopeful, or distant reading you to see how youre doing, its COVID so everyones in perspective mode, not retrospect expectation too much of anyone, so anything about a high standard that anyone is holding to you theres a 50% to 80% chance, that no one feels that way toward anyone, theyre probably not on as many meds, and they probably don’t allow themselves to get sick, have a good sense of staying well, Im sure we are all smart, note to self, they’ve been more places that you have been in life, have met more people than you have met in life, and maybe have more concerns than you have by whats limited to just your person whats on you, that’s why mental health issues feel heavy! Its not just you it just feels like a lot because others maybe have more experience navigating through the political aspects of socialization and letting things go, being happy for others, appreciative of wellness, and not afraid to take on leadership roles when things are going well, so if its an internal battle (voices) I never keep it to myself it was first suggested 2018 in therapy with a male therapist “what do the voices say” write them down, talk about, and sometimes its not specific, just chatter, being who you are, if it sounds like research and questions, understand that maybe that’s how you sound so either you are anticipating that to be said, or those are the words of encouragement or reply to something about you not being said, that’s voices, it can feel like someone outside of you talking to you, and that can be hurtful, why to report in the event that you get voices, you are hearing something that you don’t say, not a word that you say, fair enough. We built us for you guys replied #redhotchilipeppers, learn to manage the crowd, and we are here in case you cant identify whats of issue, even if its something you went through alone, that’s definitely not anyones fault, I was kind enough to recall and share details, I think I need to be in a better place in life, for that to to be a freeing story about my life or who has been affected in the event that Ive not been well, even if it was my fault, I still wont feel good and that still wont help people who have moved on and not bothered by me, but by discussing illness, any mentions, with respect for peoples lives, support them, but also don’t not support me, over a mention either, that’s the risk, in being treated like you talk about life, like life happens to you, or because of people who are trying to help you and that’s not what violence and self harm is about, its about studying things that are bad, reading an article, or being made to review what information is out there, and be threatened to speak, you wont know if you have something important to say unless anyone says that you should speak or because you have not spoken that’s put anyone at a disadvantage in life, Im sure there are more reasons such as privacy and mental health that have explained better why the needs of who is stabilizing doesn’t need to be further offset by anyones need to know more about what they think or feel if they are made to not feel good. So sometime sickness is not a big idea, or picture that you cant achieve comprehend or have the ability to be professional about whats of issue and something that you can learn more about, you will always at times be made to think about life in terms of losses, never wanting to be a factor considered to those losses, that means are you someone known, and is someone better off accepting of all not having known you, or does knowing you make them feel like things are not taken care of, people are doing well, and things will turn out for the best, that’s being respectful, you generally don’t want to affect people who have been through a lot, which is why not to mention who is of value, and also not to allow for photos or too much interaction with people of value you kind of leave alone, I think today we are overly demanding of people, and it will be easier for people to be strong, not get sick by whats not clear to you, if you listen more rather than try to explain, from a well position in life, its not obvious the causes for you not being well, and if there is a passing it also wont be clear whether you are affected or have something to say of value hopefully to prevent not excuse or explain people as behaving in a way that has anything to do with treatment of you or your story, a story inspire, what lifts people in life is by who makes them feel good, so as a writer with mental health issues I do expect that it may be nice to hear me feeling better, but I get that people will prefer to be around people who are more established, have less people issues, that doesn’t require explanation, help, forgiveness, or humor and insult, the less you think about whats insulting and the more control you take over your own outlook, its like the issues aren’t blaring at you making you feel bad, but you have a clear head to re-evaluate things, make sure, check. You cant always go by feeling, there has to be some stuff learned through reading, which is why I want to go back to reading and obtaining certificates, Im sure self-harm is a huge disappointment, so is what I sound like without night meds, and a late Invega shot, that doesn’t mean Im not being compliant, with things to do, it can be too much, so if you appear that way thinking a lot, trying to catch up on lost time, then don’t give up on what youre good at, and don’t allow what youre good at, to be the cause for concern, the issue pointed out, the blog.

From my point of view, if it doesnt feel good to share, then not share something that doesnt make me feel good, I think thats standard to any mental health blog, not to teach or describe or trigger or excuse or build up, and set off in anyone, upset.

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