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Re: “line man”

I just attended a rehab outpatient treatment for schizophrenia in which one of the clients stayed with was a line man who I asked information from for job prospects how he started working after jail, was nice to me off Vyvanse too, and then later in the news was told there was a shooting with a line man. In the car being picked up my mom would not let the director give me a ride home, Scott, who’s name I wrote on the back of my drivers license on Memorial Day after walking to westwood drinking two beers and walking home I prayed on my way there by the gate to the fallen. And laid in front of the box on Wilshire where I famously took down a poster of Barack Obama’s face painted as the joker with blood on his face and lips. Later heckled on Twitter by the artists supporters because I recalled how that stood out before Aurora and a record of those pieces submitted to the Federal Building in a plastic bag with my phone number and letter. So I’m checking in I do tweet I don’t think I mentioned job titles only in the car ride home he stood at the door to say by was napping missed him on my way out, and my mom thought that was the guy offering to give me a ride home. I had great conversations with mom and sister talkative off day meds on Invega pills. I don’t think the line man I know is the same line man as yours. He told me that his wife’s car was being harassed so he had a friend confront a neighboring gang to request that they leave the area and not damage the property in the area. One client left early with a song requested I liked, I enjoyed watching Ted talks. And selected a tech show that was all sex and we turned it off and I wrote a letter to Netflix I was not social until the end we had difficulty talking I don’t watch tv through a game called totika and the director played with us saying “I used to dump all my $hit on people,” and thought that that was nice that he shared. His couch was torn in the time I was there sometimes the therapy den in the garage door left open. We had only briefly chatted by text I’m sorry if I did not follow up soon enough or if my interactions made to think about my positioning in your jurisdiction. The line man also told me that he has gang affiliation or played the same song like a song I like a Latino rapper and said that’s his real girlfriend in the music video. Nice to me encouraged me to sit watch tv with them. I got up from one conversation the first day where he disclosed that sex offenders in jail are beat up given a hard time, and thinking of the lawsuit did not want people to think that my sexuality is like, not hooking up, which is a different lifestyle alone with some dating not frequent. – Line man thought I could get help in my neighborhood with robberies but never called and the number went missing from the card stock page in my room.

Driving to Firestone exit was the furthest away from home by freeway until tired. That was not to drive to another town or be in a town I did not know was compton to say that I was driving to another town to get help as though that’s how to stop robberies in my neighborhood or to say doing something was admission to having that conversation with I forget who then be treated like something bottled up not disclosed be treated like a bad idea coming from me or association accusing me of the line man I know being the line man responsible for the shooting. — At the Firestone exit there was someone in a hoodie with an emblem on the back that I later on a drive saw looks like the church logo on the top of the building. I Instagram, Tweet.


If you are ever made to think about something that you remember that sounds like something that you hear in the news thats something that you can run past a goverment official, that doesnt mean that you are apart of that happening, or were someone wherever you were to incite a crime such as gun violence, so long as you are not a person in controversy, and so long as you are not being treated like there is something about you, not informed or, or if known would offend the tastes of most, then thats something to think about upon socialization that would be offensive to others upon meeting you or knowing you or thinking that you too have not been through a lot, managing riots and marches and pleading with police on my own terms, what I have suffered as a result of communicating what I have done when there has been social upheaval either confront the issue, or what came up for me, or whats important or not important I think if something affects you then thats okay to talk about and maybe they didnt mean to offend you, it wont always be clear past a certain point and I think thats guilt, its a confidence that is taken from you, do you rely on others for acceptances, are you outgoing, is there something that you are observing in others, are you being judgmental, do people get along around you and cordial toward you, everyone has problems, I think compounded with anyone going through your phone phishing, the limit is what is made to be about you based upon your contacts in life or life story and thats not why I have shared to put myself at odds or anyone, and thats now how a world is made, to include people in perspective or rule people out as joke, or not for the memory books. I think something you have to be patient, and Im now seeing the pattern that if you are treated as guilty or if there is something not successful about you, not working, if you arent putting yourself at odds, then also making sure that your content is not putting anyone at odds, thats building a better understanding, so whether or not you have been harmed by the private information that you have disclosed or not, the harm has already been done and thats not something that you can change about what you could have done a better job of, or assume that someone did the job for you talking to all on your behalf as though something was done because of you, if that was the theme, of assuming that the first incident occured because I was in orange county, what does world peace mean, it means that you dont allow insults to affect you become defiant to the disposition of others, or their lack of respect for you, you are what you allow to get to you, so dont get stuck in tertiary issues, or small stories known about you, minor details, or things about you, that you think you should be made to feel ashamed of yourself for, not a happy memory or a positive experince in life. Mental health issues is not an excuse for being slow, its disability, and being treated as guilty, is what causes one to freeze and you cant fix what anyone has think that you have done wrong, be consistently hurt like you have lived a lifestyle or been around people in a way that calls for negative attention to yourself as a writer, whatever they think your wirting is about, or what job has already been done, up to.

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