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Theres No Such Thing as Luck …

Im a good example of someone who when they are doing well things work out for me, why I have a work history that is near perfection, however personally I have not been as stable, nor romantically, that’s life, there will always be troubles that you encounter in some area of life the point is not to allow it to affect your chances moving forward, and to also respect the reservations of those who hold negative judgement of you, who have never relied on you, nor ever been impressed with you, to expect anything of value from you, that’s life. You wont win with them all, its not a big deal, there are plenty of important people, who are to be admired, even if you are not one of them, or considered less than, no matter what story you come from. We cant all represent what it means to have lived a good life, and we will not all have good luck in life, and some of us may suffer losses along the way, the point is not to allow your losses, or for your recovery to interfere or get in the way of the progress of others. What is “wrongful death”? According to Oxford Languages, “denoting a civil action in which damages are sought against a party for causing a death, typically when criminal action has failed or is not attempted.” [1] Its not just in being attached to someone who is currently undergoing a lawsuit concerning the subject, that makes people hesitant toward me, as though any of the issues that I have suffered from make me responsible for losses, or for malfunctions in decision making abilities of others, to be called “schizophrenic” is more than an insult, and that also does not give way to the assumption, that because one is diagnosed with a graver condition, that the makes them more or less responsible for the decision making of others, we are not all apart of what is going wrong, and this you learn the hard way, if you are made out to be someone who is not doing well, assumed that you have missed a point or two along the way, and got hit over the head with a circumstance that you cannot control or readily get yourself out of, a wrong, not caused by you, or encountered by you, that’s assuming that a “mental health” issue is brought upon a person, or is the result of what someone thinks, I don’t have bad thoughts, Im not a disorganized thinker, I worry, and I have reservations and concerns, but that also does not mean that anyone has the answers to your prayers or worries, and that’s the point of a lawsuit, its intended to scare you or anyone who is following, of what the repercussions are for negligence or inaction, or not being there, not informing, or not going out of your way to make sure things are right, and as uncomfortable as that seems, it is a lot of extra work, just to make sure that you stay well as well everyone around you, and that’s not what blogging is for, attracting unwanted attentions or to subject myself or others to attack and not be respected for who I am, or what I look like, me posing, is me being brave, its me being well in public, without fear that because I am well that I will get hurt, and that’s a good step in the right direction to moving forward from what is on your plate, affecting you, what is your fear, versus what is a fear that is deposited on you, trying to scare you into thinking that you have done something wrong and because you have done something wrong as responsible for how you are are feeling to then further declare that you should be responsible for how others are feeling, that’s not what blogging is for, covering for the feelings of others at my own expense, and for road to be paved for someone who is not directly affected, test you for reassurances of what can go wrong, if something goes wrong, and when something goes wrong how will that affect you based on what is thought of you, less than or impressed, you cant always choose how you appear to others, not even in trying. And this is a lesson that I learned the hard way. We have all experienced losses, and I am not immune to those losses or those types of losses, maybe my condition may not be similar, and I would also not be offended if compared to an addict or someone mentally ill who commits suicide, be declared someone not to empathize with or to think less of, it seems that that is how society trains us, to not console people who are not doing well, who we do not feel bad for, or think are not well on their own merits, and sure that’s cutting your losses, but that doesn’t mean that its also still not my responsibility to get well and also to not have problems with people who don’t care about me, or who are not immediately affected by me, or carry the same fears in life, or worries, sure call that “schizophrenia” either I am wrong to not be stable and to not feel loved by everyone and admired, or everyone is wrong to ignore me with something important to say that could prevent a loss, either way the diagnosis does away with “importance” or the “credibility” or “reliability” of what you have to say, designated as something less or obscure or delusional. You know not every thought is a smart thought, and not every thought is correct thought, this you learn overtime, what to place importance on, and while we may not be important to one another, that doesn’t mean that I don’t view people as important, and that’s having the negative try to take hold of you and in the reverse mischaracterize you as someone who is cold or detached, aloof, or not connected, disconnected from reality, I don’t embrace mental illness I fight mental illness I recover, and I don’t get comfortable in disability I fight disability and recover and still try to shine and do my best and be the best at whatever I do, it doesn’t matter where I am or what Im starting with, if there is a will there is a way. So in demonstrating that care to losses, you cant mention it to your superiors, you can question what was going on at the time, whether there was any sense of support or mutual understanding for what matters, or whether you were in tune with what it is that makes people feel safe, or by what mentions later, that you are being mischaracterized as someone who presents information that makes people unsafe, that’s not “wrongful death,” that’s testing to see why I am out here blogging and for what reasons, then blame my blogging as a source of discomfort, its not a source of discomfort it’s a source of empowerment, to anyone who has overcome addiction or hardship, setback, failure, or mental illness, that you can overcome it and you don’t have to die, and while it may be hard to listen, be punished, be questioned, or look bad, at least its not you investigating the thinking of others, and allowing people to think what they want to think. Blogging is more about, had they not died, I would not have gotten involved in a way on social media to check on how everyone is doing, and try to socialize and network, and get good ideas going not bad ideas, to see how we can better support one another though any amount of crisis, and that type of feedback needs no credit, there is always a time and a place to be there for others and what better way to try to make a positive difference, other than to blog on social media and speak directly to your peers and check on others and make sure that everyone is doing okay, feeling safe, and moving forward. 



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