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Clever with Words …

Getting your way with people is all about the words you choose, never undermine your reader or audience, chances are they’d like you to assume they know more than they actually do about how you describe a situation or reality you’ve experienced, assume they’ve been there too without scaring people away from subjects. We would all like to be better understood so the purpose for this advice is to encourage more acceptance for different states of being and thinking rather than be so narrow minded as to not include people types or ways of thinking what’s the use in that. You might not get it right every time, but there is balance in the unknown or for what you are not, and if you are hitting on a subject that might strike home for some, be careful with your words! Having it your way in life is not always the best way, and in order to get more people on board that requires you to give people the freedom to choose how to think not have your way with people convincing others things are a certain way they could not be. Don’t rule out alternatives in life. There’s so much room for acceptance in the alternative, so many ways to think and comprehend problems and solutions for problems. For example you can’t just banish people for being negative, we are all entitled to having our moods and feelings so a better way to go about approaching negative talk and thinking would be to first accept that that is the case and secondly, what can be done to help remove those habits or patterns from your repertoire there is always time to improve and with improvement there should also be some room left for acceptance for those who have yet to arrive to those solutions for betterment in their lives yet. There’s so much room for acceptance, I do believe this, even when it’s tough, and you’re feeling misunderstood, people don’t generally have a personal take on the matter unless you make it personal they’ll be likely to disagree rather than agree or be difficult when it comes to acceptances for something youve said, so allow for that process to occur when someone thinks they’re right or you’re wrong or they can think or talk about what you’re trying to say in a better way that’s not just you, it seems like most intellectual conversations call for some competition so don’t be so sensitive when others are stepping to any plates in life that shouldn’t make you feel stupid that should make you feel smart and apart of think instead had I not said this then that would not have been said or done. That’s a way of thinking about things in the positive instead of thinking someone is trying to criticize me by not agreeing with me or using me to draw example to a negative series of examples of people types or concepts you don’t have to situate yourself so, or allow your thoughts to convince you that another has situated you so, ever think of that, you know you don’t have to think a certain way if it’s bothering you you always have the freedom to choose to look at things in another way.

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