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One Day You’ll Look Back …

For anyone in need of some encouragement and feeling defeated this post is for you. It’s okay to be vulnerable I know we don’t enjoy the feeling of feeling manipulated or changed from our regular selves normal and put together but don’t fret. We all go through periods of nervous anguish in difficulty and I promise you that it will pass and you will no longer be blaming yourself for what you can’t control in life once you regain control over what you can do in the meantime until things get better again for you. You’re not alone in this there are many like you as I wish to see the same no matter what your diagnose or thoughts are and when banded together with those who see the good in others good can result so never forget to count yourself in as one of them even if you’re feeling apart from the pack or not among the happy. Your happiness is valuable, cherish the moments when you can be at ease and find strength in the moments that push you to take your life seriously and improve enjoy the focus it’s the stuff that champions are made out if we all go through moments of intensity it’s how you deal with that energy acquired that either makes you respond in your best interests or vocalize in the wrong way how you are feeling and push love away. There is always time to be loved if you’re like me then being loved or feeling love may be difficult for you in times of trouble or lost confidence and it’s okay to be in reflection or made to look at yourself or within when you have problems either made to be that way or of your own making … know that all conditions can be reversed I’m a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal and so can your mind from substances, issues, romantic quarrels, and frustrations with yourself in life. You might not always get your way in life and that doesn’t make you unfortunate it makes you wise when you want things in life for yourself that you can’t presently have it makes you regress and lighten up and learn to be pleasant about what you do have in life instead of becoming upset or feeling less than or unfortunate. We are all fortunate to have been loved to be here in the present moment and we all have the ability to stay grounded in our thoughts the pleasant ones and not make a peaceful place in life to be, our own shoes, an unhappy place to be by becoming upset to the issues we face that’s the difference between a positive person and a negative person it’s what thoughts you allow to control your demeanor in life. The more pleasant you are the more pleasant memories you’ll have in recognition of your place now no matter what has changed continue to be the same no matter where you are in life. No one is made to be unhappy or sick we were all made with love and here on earth because whether or not it was our choice to be here, someone intended for us to be here and made sure that was so with love. If you can’t love yourself instead of asking why think what you can do to love yourself and be proud no matter how you got here or why it’s not your fault for struggling in life but you always have the power to make things better when you focus on the importance of the present moment to do things that make you feel good and the better you feel the shorter that pain will last whatever it is sticking to you right now can be lifted once you begin again, change your thoughts, and build a stronger resiliency to any pressures in life which is called being mature not so easily affected and able to get through a difficult feeling without feeling hurt by simply experiencing life and what life has to offer encounter or be struck by in life sometimes it’s just thoughts and sometimes it’s through better acceptance of ourselves and others that you get stronger not weakened by any thoughts convincing you that things are a certain way they are not which can be a time consuming process of retracing your steps in life or overreacting to a past that may have not occurred in that way whether it’s your own past or whole dissecting the past of others as related to you. As you come to know yourself so will others and all will be forgiven this we hope as a process of healing from difficulty in life not languish in any resentments or habor unspoken feelings we associate to specific people or unhappinesses in life there is always opportunity to be happy and proud again and you can be one of them too. Strong in your own right because you were made that way to be alive, to survive, to be born, to experience life, to recover and heal from life’s pains, to forgive your own moments of suffering as well as others, and appreciate when things do lighten up respect the spaces that others are in having combatted the things you are presently faced with that they may no longer be faced with or present in their lives like addicts or alcoholics recovering same goes for mental health issues there will be more painful moments in time but things can get better and just simply acknowledge the phases of recovery in yourself and others with the same respect that had if not been for their focus hard work and effort they would have not recovered from sickness or feeling not like themselves and you the same can recover from what’s making you feel not like yourself or not happy and again be proud like the others are to be here and be surrounded by others living and breathing and doing their best to live life not focused on the problems life has to offer but with strength and determination too to get through life’s challenges that’s apart of the process sometimes to feeling good to feel challenged or helpless powerless or upset frustration if not capable it’s all a matter if what you put in your head, learn the blame less on others and the fewer problems will you inherit when it comes to being well adjusted and maintain a positive outlook otherwise all those fears eat you up and it’s easy to become a product of negative thoughts instead of being who you are apart from what others think it will not bother others until you allow yourself to speak to what you don’t know is when it becomes a problem of who is in charge of making you happy in life or feel at ease and whether your doing a good job to be at peace, and how you demonstrate that to others by doing things in life that give people peace like working, attending AA, being social, dating, having friends, this is all used as evidence to base respects and whether to back off or be hard on you for what you look like the more unstable unhappy or not confident you are the easier it is to worry or become consumed or bothered by what you look like once what you look like matters that’s becomes a bother to others if in defiance do not care what you look like and that’s how what you look like or what you think can be viewed as reflecting you or others taken as insult. This is why to talk in therapy and not out loud about what’s bothering you and not run the risk of disgruntling others by your instability or turn people off from supporting you in life. Try to approach life with positivity and gratitude rather than complain about the past, that will surely set you on track to being a happier person in the long run. One day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come no matter whether faced with schizophrenia, weight loss, weight gain, loss, combat, mental illness, all of those symptoms lessen with acceptance of your own issues the issues of others become less intrusive or powerful on your sense of being, how to not let yourself be bothered or bother others and get well, stay positive, you can do this.

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