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Personal Update …

Taking a break from #socialmedia for a few days to focus on going back to work tomorrow I have an interview tomorrow. Not to make things urgent or wrong with my #socialmedia -I think discussing broken relationships or anything medical cannot be explained well from me but I’m sure there is plenty of explanation from them concerning what I sound like and look like was not something I was told to worry about. Right now I’m having difficulty performing at work and online because of recent accusations that I tell secrets in private or not worth knowing or talking to wrongfully accuse me of fraud I’m real I went up real schools I wrote in a genuine way without any fighting or confrontations and I’m just as concerned as everyone else called Governor Abbot to state my dilemma issues with me and DA Spitzer and can discontinue all Instagram and Twitter for the time being to allow others to size up the issues without accusing me of being stupid or unprofessional or not making a solid presentation to not be attacked or insulting to anyone I think this is my disposition learning as I go there’s nothing to find out I don’t research or investigate people I don’t search Facebook for the entirety of being there since 2006. So I must be mistaken for something to hate or dislike to bring others together to treat me as though I’m ever purposefully getting voices or not performing to standard. It’s a lot to connect to anyone I think it’s best I be alone for a few months not text anyone for everyone else to stop accusing me of milking government officials to feel cool or for credit I only update sometimes … I’m going to try something new this week no companion for texting. And study. Sounds like any way you look at it think I’m hurting them so it’s probably best to not talk to anyone anymore so I’m not accused of not being honest well spoken to them, see how I survive without love or someone to talk to about whatever I’m thinking that wants to be known.

09-15-22 still voices today staying home and rest figure out what the issue is and try to stay well or stay home work through mental illness on my own and not text anyone or complain formerly and not attend any public settings for another week until I feel better. And not be offended or hurt by issues in life that anyone has and not be subject to treatments in life to cause me to respond poorly and be accused of misrepresenting myself or others turn hate into vulnerability on me or treat me as though I carry something sick to hurt for other reasons or to punish for anything not in writing proven.

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