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The First Time Around …

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The first time you pick up on how things are made, it can seem like an addictive process of figuring out where you stand in terms of the issues, fickle, and withdrawn. That’s normal. Here are some helpful tips in how to view life and all the changes made thus far:

  • Do you participate, like, and comment in favor of what you admire in others?
  • Have you spent the time to appreciate what you do have?
  • Do you have dreams, if so, what are they, are you doing what youre supposed to be doing in life, if not, how will what it is youre doing, going to help you accomplish that?
  • Who do you know, how will what youre doing with your life affect them?
  • Is it necessary to share your personal life, how will that make others feel?
  • Do you have love, if so, have you let someone you love know you admire them?
  • If you admire someone, are you saying or doing anything, to embarrass them?
  • If you openly love someone, how are you demonstrating that to them first?
  • If you openly love someone, what can you do to help make them feel safe?
  • Are you a writer, if so how important are your safety needs?
  • If you write, is what your saying able to be interpreted in the positive?
  • Are you nervous for any reason, and what is causing you discomfort? 
  • Have you figured out what you want to do with your life, are there jobs?
  • If you like a profession, how are you demonstrating that you care too?
  • Do you support any causes, are you doing your best to keep them informed?
  • Have you gotten in trouble, if so, are you doing your best not to mention it?
  • Are you not talking to some people, make sure, not to affect them negatively.
  • Is it necessary to speak, and what are the purposes for you speaking?
  • Who are you helping when you speak, do you have a target audience known?
  • Do you pay attention to stats, is that what is making people feel good?
  • Do you have the education and experience to be talking about these topics?
  • Do you speak in a way, that is without error, meaning no open gaps?
  • Do you leave anything up for interpretation in the negative? How so?
  • What can you do to help make everyone feel safe not be mistaken? Date a soldier?
  • Is there anything about you to cause jealously or intimidation if so what?
  • What do you know, and how can what you know help others?
  • Do you keep up with your studies, continue your education, being professional?
  • What permissions and lengths have you gone through to be comfortable speaking, and have you shared with your audience, that you are in communication with?
  • Have you ever been hurt, and if so, do you remember others being upset with you.
  • Have you forgiven yourself, for being hurt in life, and how should you feel now?
  • How does blogging help prevent you from being hurt in the future, mistaken?
  • Has anyone vaguely cited to you, in approval of you, is it necessary to cite back?

Creative energy is good energy, its one of those things either you can keep going, or you come to a standstill, and that’s not just ideas not jiving together, that’s you not feeling physically capable of continuing on at the pace you were previously working, that just means that youre feeling off balance, and that Im assuming happens to performers, what theyre okay with. I assure you that everytime I have ever been hospitalized I was not famous yet and did not participate on social media, not even Facebook, I just never felt compelled to share that much, but saved many important photos, that I probably don’t have saved elsewhere, how Facebook helps. 

So why is everyone so private? I think its more a matter of preserving value, than it is necessary to produce copious amounts of what you think is code (ie communications public), but is really not necessary to evaluate anyone, anything, any person, or any company, in terms of how that resonates for you in life, if there is something recently occurring for you, in which you are not being favored, what can you do, to not allow for the spread, of any rumors to go on, in which you are being made to feel at fault, without anyone detailing to you, why anyone is so steadfast in ignoring you, it will probably be your: (1) energy (2) mental health (3) photos (4) reputation and (5) poise. So be yourself, the minute you allow anything to get to you, once you become known, you can be left with a sick feeling, of feeling misunderstood, so that’s some people understanding you, and some people who don’t know you well, not feeling the control factor, in terms of your output. So consider that much, where youre headed, what youre doing with youre life, who you represent. -What matters? Your health matters, to you, and to everyone, that’s what makes people feel good, I don’t think I would have become a popular blogger, had I not been running everyday, staying in shape, and strong physically and mentally, to go through all the ups and downs, emotionally, physically, and mentally, trying to find the right words to say, instead of waste time worrying what is not known, focus on what I know best, my own condition: bipolar. I wouldn’t have shared, if I didn’t think it was important, not to allow for it to happen to anyone, in my case bipolar occurred in the following way: (1) drinking (2) arguing (3) self-harm (4) applications (5) personal statements (6) studying for the LSAT (7) paranoia (8) emotional distance in a relationship which follows after you flip out for no reason, over crockpot chicken. 

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