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Everything Matters …

When everything matters don’t discount yourself, although you may have no room for error, recognize what pressure is coming from within with awareness for what pressure is created through blogging or exposure, we can’t always control what is known about us or thought of us in review of your work, accept that most people will make things about themselves reading for insult or critique rather than support. You owe it to yourself to brave even the harshest conditions on a bad day it’s so worth speaking than falling silent to anything you feel or worry about and that’s the power of blogging that when things are intense, when you feel stressed, when there is too much pressure to begin discussing any difficult subject or concept it’s better to start somewhere than not say anything at all, it’s worth the likes, and giving yourself the opportunity to not go by any voices in life not your own. So how does influence happen? Its been my experience that things go best when you are doing for yourself things that not only keep your mind off any problems or pressures in life but that your thinking is also not geared by those thoughts either, your body is your temple. The best feedback occurs when you are able to maintain stability sometimes that occurs through your own work whats in writing sometimes that occurs by what you do for yourself to feel good such as working out, and sometimes you see better or perceived more clearly when you are at ease such as by what you’re reading and what’s being generated through your writing into paper for others to read. All of those compositions involve a process and I believe that all of those feelings or thoughts can be felt or interpreted from your writing if you don’t properly manage yourself, your private life, your dialogue, and your interactions. Your capabilities in life I believe are affected by when you don’t feel good about yourself and although that may be hard to share in private with anyone you love it’s better to be honest you can’t pretend when it comes to love you have to protect those you love by being honest with them about your strengths and weaknesses that gives you time to heal and better yourself and gives them more time to themselves to focus a little less on you and more so on what’s going well for them if it’s not by something you have to share about your life or what your going through, people will be supportive but you can’t expect life to stop to listen if you’re feeling lost or going through something it’s never fun to be a space cadet when the conversation calls for focus and attentiveness. – So what makes things unbelievable? I think if you sound this way here and sound different on Twitter or Instagram or in private or by some recording of upset that devalues everything you have written why it’s important to stay composed it’s through immaturity or humor that all of your work loses its shine and respect for you changes based on what mood can be related to, timing and subject matter wise, you won’t be funny to anyone who doesn’t understand your discomforts in life so my best advice is that if you are trying to be funny feel funny think somethings funny in your mind perfect that thought before sharing that thought, filter what is of issue, what it’s about, what it seems like it’s about, how an audience member may interpret that thought, and what phase you are in your personal development can you afford to share an off day online whats being known about, not exchanging any words to cause anyone to take their anger or frustrations in life out on you like you’re the problem to their understanding or ability to succeed in life, why never to make things about people who become unhappy with you they won’t need your support in the long run just not to be mentioned to share your own experience for feelings or difficulties they find you responsible for not be misinterpreted as being caused by anyone that’s why sharing what your mental health issues are subjects you to harm maybe to clarify it’s nothing to do with anyone but once it sounds like your issues have to do with anyone that’s when you become interesting to the wrong crowd for interpretation who finds it’s easier to pick you apart than to respect where you’ve been or what you’ve gone through in life – we don’t need empathy, we just don’t need anyone to personalize things to say if it’s not relatable or not about me that it’s about someone else I only write about myself I don’t study or analyze others all my writings are based on my own feelings and experiences I don’t write with any disregard for the feelings of others, that’s the unhappiness part of someone who cannot accept where you are at in life and you can’t accept all people to believe you they mostly want to know what you want in life and why you want what you want and think you wanted things to look a certain way and want to know what you looked liked then what you had and what you look like now and whether you are anyone who deserves to have things in life, that’s negative judgment you can improve and as soon as you improve stripped of that accomplishment in life put down the ranks of judged as thinks important and disrespected on the basis for a reaction from you to see how you assert yourself yo others, it’s always by what you have to say and how someone feels it’s doesn’t matter how close they are to you or whether they know you or don’t think less of you have something on you don’t trust you don’t believe you don’t respect you, that’s just the real world we don’t have to matter to everyone in such a personal way there’s no requirement to love and accept anyone in life as a symbol image or representation of what an “American Sweetheart” looks like, I think that’s the pre-judgment for testing for personality defects, judge by medication, and put down for insult. It’s to hurt someone who they don’t think is deserving of love, and that’s how I feel when I get upset or have self harmed been hospitalized or made to be sound frustrated – it’s the wedge between who I love and justifies why I can’t bond or love them, who’s love would you rather have in the place of someone you love, there’s no comparison to the amount of peace and positivity occurring when you like someone and they like you back it’s like being an instant stand up comedian this person lit up within that can’t stop talking and vocalizing all the positives, it’s a good natural reaction let’s not be picky about how it happens and formulate some false representation of how influence works to say that what’s within doesn’t represent who does not feel represented by you in life, we won’t all see alike or feel similar that’s the beauty in finding things you love or people for that matter, the goal is to better yourself, and in bettering yourself pray and hope that others will feel bettered by you too. That’s the beauty of sharing in public all the stages of your development to a public figure it’s not for everyone it’s very physically taxing draining and extremely temperamental and fragile if you’re not wise enough or appreciative enough to know your limits in life, all of that respect can be lost in the event that you don’t stay stable and forget all the right goals to keep in mind influence wise.

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