Don’t Freak Out …

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You have a choice and you don’t have to go down that road, so take a deep breath and think …. What will be the best way to respond to this situation and what will make things more difficult for me moving forward. Sometimes the difference between someone who goes through a lot and moves forward versus someone who goes through a lot and everyone avoids or feels sorry for, is by how you respond to situations, what is it that you are making others apart of. 

They always say that misery loves company, if you want to be someone who inspires others to overcome difficulty, being an advocate for the best interests of others will start by thinking about others, and putting aside your own needs, for the betterment of the group overall. This really has to do with social media, because not every day will be a good day, so its about how you ask for space during those moments when you don’t feel completely perfect, and still stay respected the same without doubt. 

Theres no going backwards with mental health issues that’s the good news, things can only get better NOT worse, when it comes to treating your diagnosis, that’s the best part about getting help, the hard part is overcoming the symptoms and getting back to a normal speed in life, and accepting what is considered disability. If youre not moving forward your audience isn’t moving forward, so that’s talking about the past, so be mindful of what is helping you and what is hurting you, and don’t lend insight into ways to looks at things that hurts you to think that others know about you, let alone judge you for. 

You can move forward, the point is to be careful when talking about your experiences in life, as it can sometimes trigger stress, and reliving those feelings again simply in just talking about it, its uncomfortable for the speaker and Im sure for the audience to hear, so that’s not a way forward, somethings are better left unsaid. 

You don’t have to tell everyone everything about you, just the parts of your story that keep you feeling inspired, no one needs to get hurt in the process, of you overcoming your difficulties in life. Its easy in the early stages of getting back to normal, whether it was a nervous breakdown, feeling shocked, aggravated, frustrated, startled, or knocked off center in any way (honked at), you just have to stay calm, there is so much power in not allowing the present moment or the situation to fester or blow up inside you, that’s stress. 

You are what you carry around with you, so be mindful of what you choose to internalize, including the thoughts you think others are having of you. You could be wrong, you could be off, you could not have things right, and you could be veering off course with your thinking into another realm of issues, that has nothing to do with you, so always know your part. Its by what you say and what you think that others ultimately react to you, the proof is in the pudding so what are you putting into your pudding to visualize for everyone else to see or know about you, and control that aspect of your life, that’s the frustrating part, the overall picture, hopefully it is something settling, and that’s something that you have no control over, the overall feel or look of your story, only someone walking up to a situation in life can be a judge standing afar from the issues. Its when youre in the issues that things can feel the most upsetting and hard to discern whats coming from you and whats overboard on the part of the other, all feelings are intense when there is insult or confusion of the issues, why its important to be balanced, and not be the one that’s getting carried away in what what is about and not make it about you, or your life, and what you are doing with your life. No one knows you better than you know yourself, and don’t let anyones opinion of you undermine your capabilities or thinking in life. 

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