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Overcoming Your Anguish …

I know we don’t all have experiences with bullying and mine may be unique on my end, growing up in Brentwood on Rockingham neighbors with OJ, growing up close to the family, on every family vacation, but you can get through this even if no one sees you as special or recognize your vulnerability for speaking in public without a member of the press present to protect, guide discussions, and represent you in a formal way present your story in life, by proper interview, not everything needs to be done in that way, and I’ve chosen to take a more casual approach to sharing my life with everyone hopefully in a way that inspires.

The problem with bullying is that it can bring a “dark cloud over your conversations.” [1] I know how ridiculous it sounds “revenge porn,” but it is possible. It’s incredibly common for men in relationships casual or intimate to ask for photos of you, it seems like women are incredibly vulnerable to being made to show themselves for the approval and attentions of men. So for me it was something I was willing to do in small doses but mostly preferred to talk and make videos and say inspirational things about overcoming your lows in life and how to get back up.

It’s only fitting with riots and #blacklivesmatter and growing up around OJ, with marches outside my window in the 90s and helicopters during the infamous Bronco chase, to blog. We opted for a more personable approach to things (in the 90s), a lemonade stand, as children, instead of answering my line with Star Magazine asking to speak to my Mom, TMZ also emailed me recently when I first launched my blog asking to speak to my Mom, she doesn’t see the benefit in opening up to the public at this time, not even by book thinks that that’s how I’m getting hurt. -So given that there were riots I still wrote online and launched my blog documenting my thoughts each day hopefully in a way helpful contrary to all the chaos erupting in every city in anguish over the wrongful death of the beloved Floyd. I only related because my boxing instructor name was Lloyd a triplet, my first boyfriends name was George who I met in boxing class he was 33 I was 17 when I met him and he waited until my 18th birthday to ask me out, I wore an orange tank set from Ron Herman my friends bought me for my birthday. He was 1/2 Puerto Rican half Swedish, so right now my Google Analytics are saying I’m popular in Sweden, hence the reference being made now, feels like TRL, requested shout out approved, just let me know when you guys need to hear a story or reference that rings true for what you’re going through right now, I love to problem solve and speak my mind.

Dating older is not new to me, I’ve found later in life that because of going to law school which makes you incredibly mature and able to help others, it’s the level of sophistication personality wise that attracts older men, coupled with being fit a runner kickboxer I guess I had the body type that also solicited for attentions sexual (being healthy, on point). I think when I gave up on being loved I gained weight it’s really high maintenance with meds to maintain weight, the meds cause weight gain. I know this because I would diet run everyday and struggled to lose weight, started a new med and lost 12 lbs. So it’s by the meds I take either my body adjusts to or holds on to weight.

I’ve only been liked by one married man who I didn’t know was married when he asked me out at a Laker Game. I was 24 and he was 48, I enjoyed talking to him he was really supportive and shared good advice even when I got asked out was understanding and loving nonetheless and encouraged me to date. “Date when you’re young,” he recommended. However later in life I’ve come to a crossroads either don’t date or date for marriage or subject myself to these romantic situations with older men where it’s either not required to have sex but be in loving companionships where you are supported mentally able to talk to someone in exchange for being there for them in a romantically supportive way, either sharing pictures or kind words of support and encouragement to make them feel loved too.

Bullying is a tough subject, my best advice would be to take the most mature approach and don’t forget to have compassion for angry people, it’s like they don’t know better than to respond in that way for attentions, and it could be you that has the power to change them back for the better so that they don’t go on to be abusive to more women, exposing people simply for responding to requests and make fun of them for how they appear, conservative or not. Sex is not for everyone, there are websites you can go to for sexual relationships, live or pornographic, and although I was once proud of myself and my health that’s not what running is for and stopped running gained weight over the past two years, it’s for me to feel good about myself. I’m not a bathing suit person. And ever since Flynt passed away, a pen pal at one point, I’ve come to another crossroads in life, either allow this person to hurt my pride and motivation in myself to take good care of myself, publish, or let this person hurt me and my mission in life to help protect other women from being harmed by relationships with men and get their power back, there’s always time to move on, there’s no need to be negative, controlling, insulting, or combative, seems like that’s the typical response of wants you around but doesn’t need you, you move on, they get angry, expect you to chase them, love is a two way street, if you don’t want it why claim need when it leaves you, that makes no sense to me.

Overcoming your anguish requires you to find your happy place in life again, for me that took me two years to overcome the pressure that occurs on your chest from negativity, not stuck in bed all day sedentary on meds, I’m proudly moving again and going to the gym and hopefully start running again. It’s been said that “the more empowered you are, and the more you can help yourself, the better chance you have to stop the bully.” [2] So that’s how blogging is presently helping me to cope with a recent break 2021 the only year I slowed down not blogging everyday as per usual. It was important for me to get my health in order if I was becoming suicidal, no one should be left to feel that way powerless and disabled in mental anguish pain and suffering, it’s not a tolerable state to be left in why they warn or the symptoms effects of bullying and encourage you to treat symptoms as you go not let it get to you. They’ve described bullying as “unexpected hurtful,” [3] and for me it was that way, talking to someone amicably to a change in them being demanding of me and abusive in the form of threats made to my health or on my identity. You know this person doesn’t know me, they don’t know that I’m respected and loved by all my friends, they don’t know the jobs I’ve held, they don’t respect that I went to law school got into law school had the grades and LSAT score to get in, it’s not okay to treat someone as retarded or stupid and make them look retarded or stupid (in the nude) online, simply because you want to ruin their life or make them look stupid and retarded so men don’t like them. The men I know know I’m being attacked, harassed, and abused (treated as stupid), they talk to me anyways and want to date me, and concerned for my health, not angry at me, or scolding at me for letting someone treat me as stupid and retarded. That’s not okay!

Either be supportive of people in crisis I live in a fire zone, protest zone, riot zone, and robbery zone, so don’t injure my health and formal identity online as someone who is loved and respected by my readers for keeping it real, being honest, informative, original, and smart. Not everyone has the energy or expertise to speak to everyone online and without judgment, speak to all. I’m not snobbish, I’m personable, and I do make a difference, when I post everyday they aren’t tagging my park, robbing the street next to me, and showing up on my block in wife beaters, I live a good life and because I live a good life I share my life and thoughts with others. To encourage others to live a good life too, and not resort to anger or hate to express concerns like this person is trying to provoke on me. Have a heart.





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