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Somewhat Controversial …

I’m not sure when and why this happens to me to write and write speak effectively then all of a sudden start discussion off topic, I’m sure that’s the schizophrenic looking part of my writing anything short stated or not without enough explanation and detail, you know sometimes the hardest things to say or figure out in your mind are best stated in short you won’t have much to say always give time to think about things whether or not it relates to your life or anything you see or think is happening that’s common to bipolar to become in delusion about things happening not happening or assume people are thinning things they’re not especially if you have some kind of public record trying to declare you a defective decision maker in life or representative of others if that were ever the case I would have never had friends or gotten into law school. Be yourself and if you get hurt along the way made to look stupid well that’s just your luck means no flirting or talking to people you don’t know that’s how you get judged as desperate or socially weird rejected even worse if they think you think you are somebody all the more reason to make you feel like you’re nobody. A big head is saying I made this I fixed that, a solid attitude is I think this so I suggested this and this happened like my fema idea scale idea wrote books and many books were written in a period in life when people had time to write and that was one positive occurring simultaneously.

What is prevention? Prevention in my mind means:

(1) Doesn’t affect who is affected by the population being helped reminded in an offensive way or re-traumatized.

(2) By your education and background come up with a system for getting to know others in the community in which you speak and build rapport first before announcing your background or what issues you’ve felt passionate about previously.

(3) Do for others what you wish would be done for you, not burden others with problems or solutions or suggestions and just share how you choose to navigate through controversy think.

(4) Stick to your cares and if your position changes by any doubt made of you correct that issue by backing off from declaring yourself online or listing your cares, and focus on your own mental health and staying healthy.

(5) Always seek to qualify yourself for the positions you hold, by education, certificates, being social, attending AA, writing experience, therapy, group therapy, psychiatry visits, hospitalizations, if you’ve not been through it then it’s best not to talk about it stick to what you’re good at and know best. Stay on topic.

(6) Listen to others, take suggestions, be able to handle no’s in life, blocks, community guidelines complaints blocking your website, negative opinions, and the privacy of others, who don’t want to be affected by your failures in life (schedule, exercise, weight gain, face, medications, issues) weighted by you or any troubles past or present, focus on what helps.

(7) Try not to talk about others and do more helping through drawing direct relationships on how you feel and what is causing you to feel a certain way and be honest from the outside all that is seen are details, connections, and presentation and following numbers for comparison, rise to the occasion be professional and know when to back off not ask for help.

(8) Handle discomfort in stride it’s not always about respect, admiration, or being special, when the times are tough it’s not about bonding being close humor ingenuity and creativity less is more the less that is required to care or for your cares the better help is not inclusive it’s available.

(9) Protect the innocence of others, if it’s not safe to worry about as a person with disability and schizophrenia then make that clear what are your limitations in life those are permissions for others to feel better than you, not need you, recognize their skills and smarts, be cautious for themselves, that’s not a badge of honor to me that’s prevention whenever I’m faced with a mental health issue or cause for voices be able to discuss to prevent others from being left isolated or made to feel alone in life unable to improve.

(10) Let voices be heard including those not on your side in life not everyone has to like you all care is political these days are you liked because of who you are or are you liked because of your cares education jobs or friends, you’re known for everything there is to know about you with preference to not be required to care for people who can be eliminated from systems of respect on the basis of blocks, spam links to website, following count stats, work product, and commentary negative reviews you know that’s someone who knew me then disliked me because he did not want me so I left then he got angry. I’m not weird ugly or grose by phone words or messenger so please don’t take the side of someone complaining like I have schizophrenia on purpose or weird thoughts it means I’m slow, takes me a long time, I get tired, I need rest, I’m socially distant, I get tired romantically I need my alone time in recovery from a nervous breakdown that’s when you back off because you are not well enough to entertain someone in a fun way when you have to get well to graduate work and be social again not lose everything on the basis of legal terminology based on people past less reliable because of sexuality career path name title work history, have you learned?

(11) If it’s not appropriate for me to care then that’s Brady’s choice to tell me don’t mention to people you care, and if you want to know why it’s because I was in law school worked on a crisis hotline and was a childrens attorneys law clerk so the case stood out to me on tv. What occurs later is how you figure out how to help others and who needs help and who can help and learn how help can be done it’s not for fame, you either have the time to care, or you don’t. The solution occurs when you start doing well again post trauma and people stop looking at you weird and you move on in life. You can’t help if you are not well not in school or a job or have any skills to offer so joining a bigger group OFA was one way to learn phone banking voting for candidates that can change laws to help with issues. I’m not really sure how panic occurs but it occurs when people think you are doing something bad drinking or not home missing at night or by medications you take and at what time that’s what determines whether people feel good by you or think you’re doing something wrong, I used to run everyday at night that made me feel safe in my neighborhood to get familiar with what’s ordinary not ordinary stands out not normal. That’s being observant.

(12) So a hero is someone who can rise to the occasion when others cannot which is what a social media platform is for it quickly resolves upset nervousness controversy uncertainty it gives people the options to follow along keep tabs get input ideas hear feedback and how you problem solve what you identify as a good way to help others not limited to your cares, general.

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